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Low Grades for 2016 Election, Non-Book Readers, Anti-Muslim Assaults




26% of American adults say they haven’t read a book in the past year.

November 23, 2016

Low marks for major players in 2016 election – including the winner

Post-election evaluations of the way the winning candidate, the parties, the press and the pollsters conducted themselves during the campaign are all far more negative than after any election dating back to 1988.

Who doesn’t read books in America?

About a quarter of American adults (26%) say they haven’t read a book in whole or in part in the past year, whether in print, electronic or audio form. So who, exactly, are these non-book readers?

Among democracies, U.S. stands out in how it chooses its head of state

How does the U.S. electoral system compare with the way other countries elect their leaders? The short answer: No other democratic nation fills its top job quite the way the U.S. does, and only a handful are even similar.

Most Americans think journalists should just report the facts

A majority of U.S. adults (59%) reject the idea of adding interpretation, saying that the news media should present the facts alone, a recent Pew Research Center survey found.

Anti-Muslim assaults reach 9/11-era levels, FBI data show

There were 91 reported aggravated or simple assaults motivated by anti-Muslim bias in 2015, just two shy of the 93 reported in 2001. Separately, the number of anti-Muslim intimidation crimes also rose in 2015.

Most say their churches remained above the electoral fray this year

Many voters, especially blacks, expect race relations to worsen following Trump’s election

TV still the top source for election results, but digital platforms rise

Latinos made economic strides in 2015 after years of few gains

Why join the gig economy? For many, the answer is ‘for fun’

Media Mentions

Most Americans back ‘just the facts’ news stories


Hillary Clinton receives higher post-election grades than Donald Trump


More respondents liked Clinton’s campaign than Trump’s


Anti-Muslim attacks last year reached 9/11 era level


There haven’t been this many hate crimes against Muslims since 9/11


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