The winds of change is blowing and your help is needed! Stefan Jacobsson

The winds of change is blowing and your help is needed!

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The winds of change is blowing and your help is needed! An open letter from Stefan Jacobsson (APF)

It has been a good year for the nationalistic opposition. As we start to summarize the year it is becoming clear for the first time in Europe the opposition has been able to coordinate its efforts, thanks to the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. Next years’s new challenges are waiting and that is why I now ask for your help to continue our important work.

This has been a great year for the pro-European opposition. The establishment, along with the old parties, the mass media, and the financial elite has taken many hits. Brexit, Donald Trump, and the referendums in Hungary and Italy are some of the blows taken this year. At the same time a wave is sweeping in over Europe, popular and nationalistic parties are climbing the opinion polls and in several countries the election results have been amazing. More and more people are demanding change, people are not sitting quietly anymore – they are speaking their minds, and they identify with the problems our people endure.

Our ideas are being popularized and are now shared with a growing number of Europeans. The dissatisfaction with the current policies has not been greater in several decades. We have momentum now which we need to keep. There is no time to rest, we must accelerate, work even harder, more intensive, more open and honest.

I am writing this open letter because I need your help. I address all of you, European nationalists, patriots, friends of Europe. To all of you who have the willpower and the ability to help.

As many of you know, today I represent the pan-European party, The Alliance for Peace and Freedom. Since January we have been recognized as a “party on the European level” by the European Parliament. This means that during the year we have been partially financed by them.

With this money we have been able to build up our organization; we have opened a headquarters in Brussels, we have organized conferences, seminars, and meetings across Europe. We had delegations in Syria and Belarus in order to build contacts and relations. We have coordinated between nationalistic forces in Europe. We have mediated experience, contacts, and networks, just to mention some of our activities.

The foundation, Europa Terra Nostra, is associated with us, and which thanks to the APF has also been funded by the European Parliament. The foundation has organized lectures, seminars, conferences, cultural gatherings and published literature. You could say that for once, the fees for the EU have actually gone to something that promotes the peoples of Europe – the ones who work for the principal of a Europe of free and independent nations – a Europe of free peoples.

The money obvious does not come without strings attached. One of the criteria is that the parties and foundations need to raise and match at least 15 percent of the total budget in revenue. During the year we have been raising this money through membership fees, donations, revenue from conferences and book sales – but we have not quite reached our goal yet – and this is why I am writing to you, nationalists and patriots of Europe.

I hope that you, as I do, understand the value of a pan-European party as the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. To have the opportunity to coordinate the resistance all over Europe and to make nationalistic movements and parties pull together in the same direction, to spread our ideals and to educate the leaders of tomorrow – the political soldiers of tomorrow. But to do this with full speed we need your help.

Every euro that we receive is of value to us and goes straight into activities. You can of course choose if you want to support us via a membership, a donation, or purchasing books from us. For the ones who donate 300 euro or more we will organize a special meeting in our headquarters next year – to show our appreciation for your help.

I understand that many have already supported different projects throughout the year, and that Christmas is closing, but I would not write this letter if it was not both urgent and important.

Together we are strong, together we can achieve change.

Stefan Jacobsson
Secretary General
Alliance for Peace and Freedom

Three simple ways to support the Alliance for Peace and Freedom

1. Become a member

2. Donate through:
– Paypal:
– Bank account: IBAN: BE27 7360 2176 7773, BIC: KREDBEBB

3. Purchase our book “The Attack on the Family and the European Response”


Our mailing address is:
Alliance for Peace and Freedom
22 square de Meeus
Brussels 1000

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