Women’s Rights Without Frontiers:Gendercide remains in China

Gendercide remains in China — Have researchers really « found » missing girls?

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Saved from sex-selective abortion or abandonment by WRWF’s « Save a Girl » campaign.
Some girls may be hidden, but sex-selective abortion and abandonment are still very serious problems in China.

An article came out in the Washington Post on Wednesday entitled, “Researchers may have ‘found’ many of China’s 30 million missing girls.” The researchers – John Kennedy of the University of Kansas and Shi Yaojiang of Shaanxi Normal University – argue that many of these girls “might not have been killed after all . . . [but] may, in fact, simply not have been registered.”

Kennedy states, « People think 30 million girls are missing from the population. That’s the population of California. » Actually, the population of California is not 30 million, but closer to 40 million (39,144,818 in 2015). This is more than a 30% difference — not an insignificant mistake for a demographer to make.

Regardless of how many girls have been hidden rather than aborted or abandoned, we know that true gendercide also exists in China. Women are pressured to abort or abandon their babies just because they are girls — rather than simply hiding them. Second daughters are particularly vulnerable. Women’s Rights Without Frontiers has boots on the ground in one area of rural China. Our « Save a Girl » Campaign has saved hundreds of baby girls from abortion or abandonment, because they are girls. Read more

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